EDI BC 2016

Online Provincial Report

Working with the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), a world-renowned research organization who studies Early Child Development, I was tasked with creating an engaging website that communicated complex data and analysis in a clear and organized fashion. The challenge I faced was how to balance the scientific rigor and accuracy necessary for a research organization with the simple, clear content and design that was needed for our lay audience. As a result, we decided introduce concepts at a high-level and allow users to discover more detailed information as they required. In order to do this effectively, it was crucial for us to develop a comprehensive content architecture and wireframes to map out the content that needed to be displayed on the website. Through careful organization, collaboration and iteration we were successful in building a site that allowed users to digest the information at a pace and to the level they desired. This was a new online report format for the organization that increased viewership and introduced the findings to new audiences.